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Choosing Resume Mockup

Choosing Resume Mockup The Resume Mockup Cover Up Template designs are for private use only and might bedrngnis be resold or redistributed under any conditions. It is possible to also seefree resume vorlages. You are also going to be able to pick from 6 different background choices and customize the templates however you like. PDF versions may be used via emaille or on the internet. Open sans will do the job nicely as an alternate font choice. They might even come to be a reality A very simple test may cost about one hour or so, its sufficient to test 5 or 6 vital scenes. Lies Youve Been Told About Resume Mockup Prototype testing is an essential step in the prototyping design process which is among the big milestones in the total practice. This iMac mockup template permits you to showcase your site and app designs in several views utilizing the exact same image. So, prototype is an ideal progress to check product for designers and developers. Undoubtedly, the prototype must incorporate the aesthetic qualities of a product which should have, and attempt to fit the last version. Professionally designed, we take a distinctive approach to boring small business documents, creating modern, sophisticated and simple to use templates only for you Our site offers an advanced search feature, with which you can quickly locate an acceptable image. This example is ideal for showcasing your newest design. It is perfect for presenting software and much more. It is going to surely help save you a good deal of time. On the Internet today you are able to discover a lot of totally free mockups, but theres a little problem, many are not original. Thus, you have to find an appropriate decision whether you want to present and how. There isnt the reply to this question, and there even cant be the suitable answer, because the ideal resume does not happen in each individual situation it is critical to have an individual strategy. Obviously, you can alter the secti on names and details. Its vital that you make sure everything connected with your name online is something which youd want future employers to see. Mockup images are useful, to start with, as a way to rate the outcomes of your work. Dont be lackadaisical in regards to the high quality and content of your internet identity. Life, Death and Resume Mockup Now in the event you observe this work description, the work title mentioned is Business Analyst, but should you read carefully in addition, it lists that youll have to Build Algorithms. Creating a resume can at times be time-consuming. I hope itll be quite beneficial to receive your Dream Job 9. Job Resume lets you create your very own personal brand logo in only two or three minutes. The 5-Minute Rule for Resume Mockup CV ought to be created the way in which the recruiter wanted to purchase it. A CV plays a crucial part in gaining and winning a superb job. Choose which sections you have to put in your CV (dependent on t he job which youre applying for), and which ones you are able to remove. A well drafted and detailed CV is among the crucial things that play an important function to find the job of your selection. Its hard to get noticed, even whenever you have some excelent skills in your work history. The resume is supposed to be a comparatively speedy way for somebody to get to learn your personal and professional accomplishments, skills, interests, and the potential youve got to make value in a specific career prospect. Whether youre attempting to impress at a work interview or win more freelance work via your site, mocking up your design projects can definitely help. Mentioning academic projects are not only going to strengthen your case in the front of the employer, but it is going to indirectly signify that you dont discriminate between tasks and give each task its deserved importance. Nevertheless, its essential to continue to keep your resume up-to-date, and at times a great way to find some inspiration is locating a free resume template that you could set your own stamp on. Follow these suggestions to make your resume the best it can be. Its also perfect for crafting a web site header too. For instance, you can alter the background if design elements fit into the total color scheme. The mockup is totally free to download. This mockup is absolutely free and it is sometimes a terrific asset to your freebies collection. This mockup is all you have to become terrific outcomes and impress your clientele. This mockup includes a nice and fresh new style for resumes that are usually not utilized. If youre searching for free flyer mockup designs, youve come to the proper location. A creative mockup scene creator kit that you may use to create your own special mockup scenes. You can take advantage of this mockup to put your design and screenshots onto the displays. If you would like to learn how to earn a mockup in this way, take a look at this toturial.

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PMO Advisory Releases First Index to Quantify Ability to Achieve Business Objectives

PMO Advisory Releases First Index to Quantify Ability to Achieve Business Objectives Management consulting firm PMO Advisory has announced the release of the first index to quantify an organizations ability to achieve its geschftsleben strategy, Business ExecutionIndex. As an organizational barometer, the Index reveals how well organizations are executing their business strategies. The Index is based on a number of major factors used to measure business execution quality against strategy. The Business ExecutionIndex is based on research including over 500 executives from organizations of various sizes and revenues across major industries, such as private businesses, public companies, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. Some unexpected results from the research include the fact that the best non-profits out execute all other organizations. However, mos t non-profits execute significantly below the average. Additionally, only 10 of the respondents reported being very satisfied with their organizations ability to achieve strategic objectives.By measuring where organizations succeed and fail in execution, we can provide senior management with the insight they need to address execution issues before they become failures, Te Wu, founder and CEO of PMO Advisory, said. The Business ExecutionIndex is the first effort to quantify common areas where business execution flounders and provide actionable insight to help organizations implement more successful strategies.The Business ExecutionIndex is designed to provide better visibility into business execution for the purpose of accelerating success. The Index is a benchmark that allows for quick comparisons between organizations across size, type, and industry. As an ongoing research project, results and findings are published quarterly with a free executive summary provided to all. Participa nts in the survey receive the full detailed report.

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A Move to Consulting Attractive for Most Financial Leaders

A Move to Consulting Attractive for Most Financial LeadersA Move to Consulting Attractive for Most Financial LeadersWhat does the future hold for todays financial executives? The results of a recent Robert Half Management Resources survey indicate a move to consulting may be in the cards for many.More than eight in 10 chief financial officers (83 percent) said consulting is an attractive career for senior-level accounting and finance executives. Respondents cited a flexible schedule and compensation as the most enticing aspects.Its not just executives who are likely to be excited by the prospect of becoming consultants, though. Organizations welcome the ability to work with a deep base of independent, highly experienced specialists and business leaders.Many companies seek on-demand subject-matter expertise from independent consultants to help guide them through corporate transitions, such as IPOs, mergers or restatements, or managing business process improvements, said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. Professionals who have years of experience directing their organizations financial success are often the ideal resource to provide that counsel.Perhaps its not surprising so many financial leaders are interested in consulting and many companies want to work with consultants. These opportunities allow accounting and finance professionals to do what they love most about their careers, according to a separate Robert Half survey solve problems.Making the move to finance consultingAs executives look to go solo, they can take comfort they dont have to go it alone. Check in with your network about potential opportunities.Also, reach out to a staffing firm specializing in placing senior-level financial consultants. These firms can ease the transition by securing engagements and managing the logistical aspects, such as invoices and payroll, allowing executives to focus on why they become a consultant the work.To enhance your marketability, determin e the type of work of greatest interest for you, and pinpoint your skills and expertise that align with it. You can also heighten your visibility and reputation as a thought leader by authoring articles for trade publications and presenting at industry events.As options open for executives, its clear a career as a consultant is a highly enticing one for todays financial leaders.SUBSCRIBE TO ur BLOGPhoto credit Ace playing cards, by Enoch Lau, CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Art Auction House Specialist Job Description

species Auction House Specialist Job Descriptionspecies Auction House Specialist Job DescriptionAn art auction house specialist works at an auction house. Auction house specialists appraise, research, catalog, and market the type of art they specialize in. The specialist has a deep understanding of, and a great deal of interest in, the type of art theyre responsible for. They work with clients on all aspects of the auction process. species Auction House Specialist Duties Responsibilities This position generally requires the ability to do the following tasks Examine and conduct research on works of art.Write condition reports, catalog blurbs, notes, and descriptions.Advise clients on the quality of their collection and on auction strategies such as which pieces to sell and which to allow to appreciate in value before selling.Communicate with other art experts.Assist with publishing an auction catalog.Build relationships with clients. Art auction house specialists help clients pre pare their collections for auction in many different ways. They frequently travel to collectors homes to evaluate their works of art. They set reserves for pieces and work on the marketing strategy for the collection. After the auction is over, they may help process sales and unsold lots. Specialists bring in new clients and maintain relationships with existing ones so that clients remain loyal to the art house when they want to sell other pieces. Art Auction House Specialist Salary The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesnt cite salary figures specifically for art auction house specialists. It lists salary figures for art archivists, curators, and other museum workers instead. A key difference between those jobs and art auction house specialists is the former work for museums, governments, or educational institutions. Pay for art auction house specialists varies according to the area of specialization and geographical location. Art archivists and curators and other museum workers earned the following salaries in 2018 Median Annual Salary $48,400 ($23.27/hour)Top 10% Annual Salary More than $86,480 ($41.58/hour)Bottom 10% Annual Salary Less than $27,190 ($13.07/hour) SourceU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018 Education, Training, Certification To succeed as an art auction house specialist, youll need a minimum level of education and experience. Education Art auction house specialists should have, at a minimum, an undergraduate degree in art.Experience Several years of work experience in the world of art is often required and can include gallery or museum work, archival work for an artist, or an internship in an auction house. Art Auction House Specialist Skills Competencies To become a successful art auction house specialist, youll need the following skills and traits Passionate Art specialists are passionate about their area of specialization. For example, they enjoy finding a particularly valuable piece in a clients collection and sharin g their excitement with the client.KnowledgableThey are experts in their area of specialization, with both depth and breadth of knowledge.Communication skillsThey communicate well in person, on the phone, and in email with clients. They also have good writing skills.Marketing and market savvyThey figure out the best way to sell pieces of art as well as determine whether the market is a good one to get the highest prices. Job Outlook The BLS predicts jobs for archivists and related professionals in the area of art to grow about 14% from 2016 to 2026. Thats faster than the average for all occupations. Work Environment Art auction house specialists are constantly surrounded by beautiful objects. They must travel frequently, so their time is divided between the auction house and the homes and offices of clients. Work Schedule Art specialists may put in long hours, including evenings and weekends. They also work according to the schedule of auctions. How to Get the Job INTER NSHIPS AND JOB OPENINGSMajor art auction houses often post current job listings and internship opportunities on their websites.CREATE YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTERProduce an effective resume and cover letter that strongly present your qualifications and enthusiasm for the job.REHEARSE COMMONLY ASKED INTERVIEW QUESTIONSHR representatives and hiring managers often ask the same types of questions during interviews. Review the most commonly asked questions and good responses to them. Comparing Similar Jobs People interested in becoming art auction house specialists might also consider the following jobs. The figures provided are median annual salaries Craft or fine artist$48,960Sales manager$124,220Librarian$59,050 Source Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

One Robot, Five Events Robot Pentathlon Challenges Student Co...

One Robot, Five Events Robot Pentathlon Challenges Student Co... One Robot, Five Events Robot Pentathlon Challenges Student Co... One Robot, Five Events: Robot Pentathlon Challenges Student Competitors at IMECE 2017 Dec. 8, 2017 The team from India Institute of Technology Bombay was the winner of the first prize at the 2017 ASME Student Design Competition Finals in Tampa, Fla., on Nov. 5. Hitting golf balls, scaling a set of sharp stair steps, and sprinting to the finish line the 2017 ASME Student Design Competition Finals held Nov. 5 at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) in Tampa, Fla., had robots figuratively sweating through their paces. Teams of finalists who had competed earlier in the year at ASME E-Fest regional Student Design Competition (SDC) events held in India and the United States were invited to compete in the SDC Finals, a robotic pentathlon that featured five events. One highlight of the competition’s final round was the performance of the team from India Institute of Technology Bombay during the sprint event, in which the team’s robot finished the 10-meter race in an amazing 4 seconds - far and away the fastest sprint performance of the day. The team, who also performed impressively in the competition’s other events, was named the overall winner of the SDC finals, receiving the $3,000 first prize. The pentathlon also encompassed activities in which robots had to lift a weight as high as possible, propel a tennis ball across a room, climb a set of three steps, and hit a golf ball as far they could. Two teams from the University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Red (left) and Ole Miss Blue - placed second and third, respectively, at the Student Design Competition Finals. Two teams from the University of Mississippi, who had previously placed first and second at the competition at E-Fest East at Tennessee Tech University in April, rounded out the top three at the SDC finals when the scores were tallied. One of the teams, called Ole Miss Red, took home the $1,000 second-place prize at the finals at IMECE, while the other team, Ole Miss Blue, received the $500 third prize. As we look forward in planning Student Design Competition challenges, we want to fully maximize the opportunity presented by holding these competitions at ASME E-Fest events, said Kevin Schmaltz, chair of the ASME Student Design Competition Committee. The 2017 Robotic Pentathlon and recently announced 2018 SDC challenge, Robot Football, aim to celebrate student design, creativity, and innovation. Read more about the 2018 Robot Football challenge here. Teammates Eli Shuette (left) and Jonathan Brown from Ole Miss Blue ready their entry for the Student Design Competition Finals. The team placed third overall.   In other student competition news from IMECE 2017, four ASME student members were named prize winners at the ASME Old Guard 61st Annual Oral Competition Finals, which was held on Nov. 4. The competition is designed to emphasize the value the ability to deliver clear, concise and effective verbal presentations, particularly pertaining to some sphere in which an engineer is or should be involved. Students who participated at the finals at IMECE advanced from the regional Old Guard Competitions, which were held at the three E-Fests in March and April. Kyle Hunter of the University of South Florida won first prize in the competition and earned an Innovation Recognition award for his presentation, Future of Gradient Materials. He received $2,000 for placing first at the finals and $250 for winning the Innovation Recognition award. The participants at the Old Guard 61st Annual Oral Competition Finals at IMECE 2017: (Left to right) Vibhu Baibhav, a contestant from India Institute of Technology Roorkee; fourth-prize winner Aliva Dash of the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela; second-prize winner James Caputo of Virginia Tech; first-prize winner Kyle Hunter from the University of South Florida; third-prize winner Kyle Smith from San Jose State University; and Dennis A. Armstrong, chair of the Old Guard Committee. James Caputo of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University won the second-place prize and $1,500 for his presentation High Powered Ankle-Knee Prosthetic Leg for Transfermoral Amputees. Kyle Smith of San Jose State University placed third in the competition, and took home $1,000, for his presentation Consumer Oriented Robotics. Aliva Dash of the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, in India, came in fourth at the finals and received $500 for the presentation Additive Manufacturing A Herald of Modern Fabrication. Details on the 2018 Student Design Competition, the Old Guard Competition and future ASME E-Fest dates can be found at

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How to Impress People in 30 Seconds - The Muse

How to Impress People in 30 Seconds - The Muse How to Impress People in 30 Seconds Some experts estimate that 85% of your financial success comes not from your skills or knowledge, but from your ability to connect with other people and engender their trust and respect. Within seconds, everyone you meet forms an impression that largely determines whether they’ll like, trust, and respect you. Whether you’re job-hunting or fundraising or leading an organization, making a good impression is absolutely critical. (No pressure, right?) So, whether you are looking to raise money for your company, or you are managing your team or leading your business, connecting to people and making a great impression is very important. Here are some tips to help you win hearts and minds in 30 seconds: 1. Neutralize the Fight-or-Flight Response The first few seconds of a first encounter are driven by instinctive reactions. Each person makes unconscious immediate appraisals that center around how safe they feel. Be mindful of your immediate signals, and make sure they could never be perceived as threatening. 2. Respect Boundaries Be mindful of personal space and respect the boundaries of others. If in doubt, follow the other person’s cues: If they lean in, you lean in; if they stand back, you do the same. Remember that concepts of appropriate personal space vary by culture. 3. Feed Expectations In business, first impressions are frequently colored by expectations. We expect people to live up to the image we have created in our minds from their reputation, phone calls, emails, or texts. We expect consistency with that general image- and without it, we feel some degree of disappointment and confusion. It’s not the time to surprise others with a new side of your personality. 4. Be Mindful of Body Language It accounts for more than half of what others respond to initially- so it literally does speak louder than words. Hold yourself in a way that signals attention and an open heart, and keep a facial expression that combines authority with approachability and eye contact. 5. Stay Positive The language of the brain is pictures, sounds, feelings, and to a lesser extent, smells and tastes. It’s much more difficult to translate negatives into brain-friendly imagery than positives. Work to develop a positive explanatory style. 6. Keep Control of Your Attitude The general energy you give off is one of the first unconscious things people respond to. If you’re frazzled, project calm. If you’re distracted and unenthusiastic, project positivity. (You’ll not only make a better impression, but you can influence your own mood.) 7. Manage Your Moods People are drawn to warmth, enthusiasm, and confidence more than anger, arrogance, and impatience. Whatever is going on around you, manage your responses to get the best response from others. 8. Synchronize Make sure your words, your tone of voice, and your body language are all saying the same thing. Mixed messages put off others, but consistency gives you clarity and credibility. 9. Use Sensory Language Activate people’s senses, and mix up your imagery to make sure you hit their strength. Whenever possible, use descriptions of visual images, sounds, textures, motion, and feelings to add meaning to what you’re saying. 10. Be Curious, Open-Minded, and Interested If you can get the other person talking and keep them talking, odds are they’ll be drawn to you. Be interested and open-minded; ask questions that spark their imagination and ignite conversation. 11. Dress for Success Find a personal style that represents who you are and the message you want to send about yourself. Look at your dress and appearance as packaging a product. 12. Have a Personal Statement Have a personal statement prepared and memorized so you can tell others concisely and eloquently what you do, what it means to you, and why it makes a difference. Think of it not as a sales pitch, but as an engaging and artfully crafted mini-presentation. Work through these points and you should have a great first impression all lined up. 13. Make Every Meeting Count Treat every connection you make as if it’s the most important thing you’ve ever done. Because, frankly, you never know when it actually will be. More From Inc. 6 Time-Tested Productivity Hacks for Leaders The 6 Worst Things You Can Call Yourself on LinkedIn To Increase Your Productivity By Up to 200%, Ask These 3 Questions Photo of man reaching out courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Three Dangerous Assumptions That Keep You From Finding the Right Candidate

Three Dangerous Assumptions That Keep You From Finding the Right Candidate Three Dangerous Assumptions That Keep You From Finding the Right Candidate The third agreement in The Four Agreements, a bestselling book by Don Miguel Ruiz, is “don’t make assumptions.” “Whenever we make assumptions,” he writes, “we’re asking for problems.” Yet recruiting is full of assumptions that can be made, such as when receiving job requisitions, when reviewing resumes and when interviewing candidates. Making too many assumptions can keep you from finding great candidates. The way to keep yourself from making assumptions is ask questions,” writes Ruiz. Here are some common assumptions and questions you can ask to overcome them. The Position Requirements Are Set in Stone (or Just General Guidelines) There are many assumptions you can make when receiving a job description. While one recruiter might look at a list of requirements and see a mandatory list of qualifications that must be checked off, another might look at the same list and see some or even all of them as flexible. Instead of assuming anything, ask the hiring manager which qualifications are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves. Career development expert Christy Robb said, “It is always best to engage in a conversation” with example resumes in hand, to clarify what exactly is required. As Simply Hired vice president of marketing Kristy Stromberg  said, “In an ideal world, the recruiter would be a strategic thought partner to the hiring manager.” The task of finding candidate resumes to send to the hiring manager will be much easier if desired qualifications are clearly defined. Related Degrees Are Mandatory History abounds with stories of college dropout millionaires. Oprah, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs all changed the world without graduating from college. The reasons for not finishing college are as varied as the individual. Some leave for health reasons or family matters and never make it back. Don’t be afraid to ask a candidate why he or she didn’t finish college- if you feel that this is relevant. If the candidate has many years of work experience behind them, is it even necessary to ask? Using completed degree as a blind filter kicks out very talented and experienced candidates Robb said. In some fields, such as education and the sciences, undergraduate and graduate degrees truly matter. Make sure you clarify this with the hiring manager. Many jobs in fields such as education, healthcare and science do require related degrees. In business the degree requirements are more flexible. Many people working in fields such as marketing, human resources, sales and consulting had liberal arts majors.  As a liberal arts major, I have a positive view of liberal arts degrees, and some of the  best thinkers of our time support it.  As always, ask the hiring manager for clarity and keep an open mind, particularly when reviewing resumes for entry-level positions from new grads. The most dangerous assumption in the career field is that people should have a clear idea of what they want to do with the rest of their lives at the age of 18. You might just provide the opportunity of a lifetime to someone who did not have enough exposure to the work world by that age to know what they would like to do for a living. Extra Qualifications are Over-Qualifications With the population aging and many Baby Boomers choosing to stay employed well into their 60s, you probably receive many resumes from candidates whose experience goes far beyond what a position requires. It’s dangerous to assume that someone who went to the trouble of applying and happens to have management experience couldn’t be a great individual contributor. Not everyone wants to keep piling on additional stress and responsibility, and not everything is chasing the dollar as a first priority,” said Robb. Don’t assume that because someone had a director title in the past means that they require a director-level salary. Many candidates these days are not as interested in meeting their most recent salary as they are being treated with respect, getting to work within a great company culture and feeling valued and challenged at work,” Robb said. If you receive applications from candidates who held higher level positions than the position they are applying for, ask if they are comfortable with the reduced responsibility and salary. This is particularly important when considering candidates who have  changed careers. “Have the courage to ask questions until you are as clear as you can be, and even then do not assume that you know all there is to know about a given situation,” writes Ruiz in “The Four Agreements.” Some of your company’s best future employees could be right in front you, if you only ask for clarification about the experience and education requirements, and don’t automatically discount candidates with extra experience. Read Related Articles: Baby Steps to Meritocracy   Are You Aware of Your Hiring Biases?